Monday, October 10, 2016

Workhorse Beer Yeast Equivalent Chart (Wyeast/White Labs/Fermentis)

The goal was to create a yeast chart for common beer styles using three major beer yeast producers.  These yeasts may not be exactly equivalent but are comparable and referenced to use for the given beer style.  Experience is expected to vary with the combination of water, malt, hop, yeast, temperature and technique.

Printable chart here

Smack Pack Pure Pitch Dry Yeast

Common Name Wyeast White Labs Fermentis Floculation Attenuation Temperature Origin Similarity
American Ale 1056 WLP-001 US-05 Medium 73-77% 60-72° Sierra Nevada
English Ale 1098 WLP-007 S-04 High 73-75% 64-72° Fullers/Whitbread
German Ale 1338 WLP-011 K-97 Medium 65-70% 65-70° Wisenschaftliche
German Lager 2124 WLP-830 W-34/70 Medium 73-77% 45-68° Weihenstephan – 34/70
Kolsch 2565 WLP-003 S-23 Low 73-77% 56-70° Weihenstephan – 165
Bavarian Weizen 3333 WLP-380 WB-06 High 73-77% 63-75° Weihenstephan – 66
Belgian Saison 3724 WLP-565 T-58 Medium 65-75% 68-75° Brasserie Dupont
Trappist Ale 3787 WLP-530 BE-256 Low 74-78% 64-78° Westmalle

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