Tuesday, August 30, 2016

1 Gallon Brewing - Innovation Advantages

I have been doing a lot of reading and studying to get myself up to speed with brewing beer.  One of my discoveries is that I can only drink and/or give away so much beer.  In addition, at first it may not be the best beer.   Because of this, I have settled on doing 1 gallon batches initially so that I can do more batches and learn faster.

Once I have a good recipe, I can then easily scale it up.  Also it allows me to create more variety around each month of the year which will be fun.

With these comments in mind, I estimate I can drink about a beer a day which would put me
at 365 beers a year.  A one gallon batch of beer will produce about 10 beers so that means I can make about 36 batches a year.

Since I cannot do this full time and have other commitments, my first target will be to brew a batch of beer about every other week or 26 batches of beer year.

If I get good and enjoy the process then I can move to brewing a batch of beer per week and give away some.



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