Sunday, August 28, 2016

Ben Franklin - Poor Richard's Ale - 1 Gallon Extract Recipe

Here is my public recipe: Poor Richard's Ale adapted from Tony Simmon's recipe.

"‘Poor Richard’s Ale’ is a well-rounded, moderately strong ale (5.6% ABV). It has a medium copper to light brown color, depending on the variety of molasses. Use a medium or dark molasses (about 60% sucrose) versus Blackstrap molasses. While Blackstrap might be slightly more authentic, it can easily overpower both the aroma and flavor profile.

Poor Richard’s Ale has a complex aroma with a pleasant malty, corny, and slightly nutty character, enhanced by a slight molasses-spiced undertone that adds an almost fine tobacco-like quality. The flaked corn will lighten the body and provide a nice counterbalance to the malt flavors. Hop bitterness and flavor are designed to be medium-low. The molasses will add an additional level of spiciness/bitterness that will compensate for the lower IBU level (providing an impression of more bitterness than a typical Strong Scotch Ale.)

The choice of yeast and fermentation temperature could provide for some interesting and complimentary fruity esters (e.g. plums, raisins or dried fruit). However, this yeast produces a fairly clean fermentation to allow the unique flavors of corn and molasses to stand out.  It gives a good indication of an authentic Colonial style ale."


Source: Tony Simmon's Original Recipe

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