Saturday, September 3, 2016

Just in time for Oktoberfest: Quick Lager Method

"I’m a lover of all things lager- Márzen, Schwarzbier, Helles, and Pilsner are some of favorite styles. As a homebrewer, I initially avoided making lager beer due to my inability to precisely control fermentation temperature. Once I finally got my chamber setup and made a couple lagers using more traditional fermentation schedules, I found myself avoiding them due to how long they took to finish. I also began wondering how I might be able to hasten the process. I had learned that with precise control of my temperature, I could turn most ales around in 2 weeks and wondered why I couldn’t use this control to do the same with lager beers. I made a couple batches that came out surprisingly well, played with the method for a few months, and was gradually convincing myself the days of 2 month lagers were behind me. After numerous successful batches, I happen to catch an episode of The Session on The Brewing Network where Mike “Tasty” McDole mentioned how he takes lager grain-to-glass in 2 weeks using precise control of fermentation temperature. This was validating, particularly since I was aiming for a much less anxiety provoking 3-4 week turnaround." - Brulosophy

See Brulosophy for method instructions.  Fantastic!

This method is solid as long as you:

1. Pitch properly (as he indicates). If you under pitch a lager you're already toast, but would be especially detrimental here.
2. Are dealing with moderate gravity (~1.050).
3. Take a gravity reading before you crash it the first few times you do this to ensure you're done.
4. I wouldn't do this on the low end of the temp range. Definitely over 50, and probably more like 52+.

Source:  Homebrewtalk

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