Sunday, September 4, 2016

PET-a-Draft mini beer keg system

"It solves a few issues for lovers of home-made and craft beer:

  • Beer going flat once the growler has been opened.
  • Having to clean and fill 48 bottles to store your batch of home brewed beer.
  • It allows you to use 2 liter pop bottles (PET) which is cheap or your glass growlers. 

Apparently you can get 3 liter pop bottles in the US. Or buy 6 litter PET bottles from Tap-a-draft. They use 38 mm caps, same as beer growlers.

You only need a few parts and it requires very little skill.

Assumes you already have a CO2 tank and regulator

DON'T use this without a regulator set at less than 40 PSI !!" - Lompie

Click here for plans from Lompie
See here for the party tote that goes with it!

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