Monday, October 17, 2016

In Search of America's Best Hops

"In a discreet office trailer tucked between two imposing warehouses, Chuck Silva’s hands are coated with an earthy green powder, his palms and fingers sticky with resin. He hovers over a purple table now covered in broken bricks of hops. The then-Green Flash brewmaster is lost deep in evaluation, his red beard sprinkled with flakes of Centennial hops. Silva’s olfactory senses are heightened, hard at work taking deep whiffs of a sample he’s crushed rigorously between his palms. Cupping his hands, he inhales and takes in the bouquet. His eyes dart from one brick to the next, pen hitting paper as he scribbles notes on color and aroma. He uses words like “verdant,”“grassy” and “fruit jam” to describe his perceptions."  See great article here.

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