Thursday, November 24, 2016

Homemade Beer Advent Calender

How to make a beer advent calender:

Grain Bill :)
  1. 24 Different Winter/Christmas Beers
  2. 1 Beer box that hold 24 beers
  3. 5 Christmas wrapping paper styles (Suggest getting from Dollar Store)
  4. Holdiay tissue paper or Disposable Holiday Table Cloth
  5. Christmas labels with ties on strings
  6. Advent printer labels with numbers and symbols (1to 24) - make your own

  1. Print and cut out Advent daily labels (1-24)
  2. Using glue stick, glue to Christmas label tags
  3. Cut wrapping paper into 12 inch by 8 inch strips (6 of each type)
  4. Roll beer bottle in wrapping paper with bottle one inch from bottom
  5. Fold bottom and tape
  6. Twist top and tie label around top
  7. Repeat x 6 for each wrapping paper style
  8. Should end up with 4 rows x 6 beer bottles each
  9. Wrap beer box with 5th style wrapping paper inside and out
  10. Fill with holiday tissue paper paper or disposable hold at table cloth
  11. Make one for yourself and your best beer buddy and pay it forward :)
  12. Happy Holidays!

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