Sunday, February 26, 2017

Devonshire Hobbit Ale

This is a modified version of John Palmer's Elevenses Ale.  A little less smokey, more mouthfeel, and a rounded flavor profile is the goal.

"Like all high adventures, it started out with a seemingly simple quest: Brew a beer worthy of our favorite characters from a far-off fantasy realm. One that would fill flagons in a shire as easily as it would stream from golden goblets in the halls of storied kingdoms. Two years, 10 test batches and much muttering of “my precious” later, we have the answer: John Palmer’s Elevenses Ale.

It is, quite simply, the One Brew to Rule Them All. Mild enough to break out before mid-day, yet fortied with notes of toasty malt and herbal hops to sustain weary trav- elers whenever the road goes on and on. 

It’s an ideal session beer - though be fore- warned there are some reports that frol- icking and fellowship may ensue. Whether you’re looking to toast this year’s big winter blockbuster with a tting brew, or simply seeking a top-notch brown ale with a taste for adventure, try Palmer’s Elevenses Ale. It’s pure fantasy, come to life."

You can purchase Northern Brewers Kit: Here

Here is my modified version to make 5 gallons (in parentheses) so you can see the changes:

O.G: 1.045 READY: 4 WEEKS 
Suggested fermentation schedule
- 1-2 weeks primary; 1-2 weeks bottle conditioning 

- 6 lbs Maris Otter (Sub 2-Row)
- 1 lb Briess Caramel 60 
- 1 lb Weyermann Oak-Smoked Wheat Malt (Remove, sub .75 lb Wheat Malt, .75 lb Honey, 0.1 lbs Cherry Wood-Smoked Malt - I imagine Gandalf and the Hobbits smoking Old Toby "cherry-like" tobacco) 
- 0.5 lbs English Brown Malt (sub 0.5 lbs Victory malt to add more biscuit/oatmeal cookie flavor)
- 0.5 lbs Flaked Oats (toast in oven until light brown)
- 0.25 lbs CaraPils (added for more mouthfeel) 
- 0.25 lbs Chocolate Malt (sub 0.15 lbs Carafara II for less astringency)

- 1 oz German Northern Brewer (45 min) 
- 1 tsp Vanilla (0 min) - added for flavor profile

- DRY YEAST (DEFAULT): Safale S-04 Ale Yeast. Optimum temp: 64-75° F 
- LIQUID YEAST OPTION: Wyeast 1275 Thames Valley. Flocculation: Medium. Attenuation: 72-76%. Temperature Range: 62-72°F.  

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