Friday, February 3, 2017

JuniPA - Juniper Beer

"This was a beer born after listening to a podcast or two about brewing sahti, a traditional Finnish beer which frequently uses Juniper or similar evergreen sprigs in the mash to flavor the beer.  I happened to have the much less resinous and more mild juniper berries already in my spice cabinet from some sauerbraten I made a while back, so I decided to use the rest for a beer.  I went with an American pale ale base so the berries could really come out and not get hidden behind too much malt or hops- I really wanted to see what they would do in the beer.  This is one of my older recipes just before I made the transition to all grain and water treatment, so this is a partial mash recipe." - Dennis

Batch Size: 5 gal/ 18.9 L

5 lb/ 2.27 kg     Briess Golden Light DME
1.5 lb/ 680 g     Rye Malt (mash)
8 oz/ 227 g       Maris Otter (mash)
1.5 lb/ 680 g     Carmel 40 (steep)
1 lb/ 454 g        Cara-Pils (steep)
1 lb/ 454 g        Carmel 60 (steep)

14 g         Millennium, 16%, 15min
14 g         Brewers Gold, 9.9%, 10min
28 g         Cascade, 6.2%, 10 min

Total IBU: 32 (Tinseth)

1 oz/ 28 g         juniper berries (est)

1 pkt               Safale S-05

Target CO2:   2.4

OG:                 1.063
FG:                  1.016
ABV:               6.65% after conditioning
Mash temp:          150F/ 65.6C
Mash in 1 gallon pot on stove
Boil time:              60 min

Modified from recipe: Here

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