Friday, March 31, 2017

Hop Aroma Compounds

Aroma-active compounds in 'Centennial', 'Citra' and 'Nelson Sauvin' hop varieties and their aroma contribution to dry-hopped beer
Author: Feng, Shi

"The objectives of this study were to:
  1. Measure and compare the compositional differences of essential oil among three hop cultivars ('Centennial’, 'Citra' and 'Nelson Sauvin'), 
  2. Identify the odor-active aroma compounds in three varieties of hops and 
  3. Investigate the behavior of hop-derived aroma compounds in beers prepared by dry-hopping approach with three hop varieties.
The major compositions of essential oil of three hop varieties ('Centennial', 'Citra' and 'Nelson Sauvin') were determined."

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