Monday, May 1, 2017

French Hop Varities

Searching for hops from France reveals four varieties so far.  Strisselspalt, Elsasser, Precoe de Bourgogne and Tardif de Bourgogne.

"Strisselspalt Hops is one of the few hops varieties from France. Other varieties from the country include Elsasser Hops, Precoce de Bourgogne, and Tardif de Bourgogne.  Strisselspalt is a natural variety grown mainly around Stasbourg.
Strisselspalt hops is very much an aroma variety with a 1:1 alpha beta ratio and alpha acid content ranging from 3.0%-5.0%. It has a low co-humulone content as well measuring at 20.0%-25.0%. All oils are moderate with the exception of farnesene oil which barely registers. The aroma is described as having a mild pleasant hoppy bouquet....perfect for a good brew. 
Strisselspalt is used around the world by breweries, and is sought after for its aromatic qualities. Strisselspalt has helped to shape many of the varying style beers from the French breweries. Its a low yielding plant of medium size cones which are moderately compact. Despite the susceptibility to disease and fungus, Strisselspalt lives on due to the demand of this industry shaping hops variety." - Beer Legends
"Tardif de Bourgogne Hops is a natural variety from France. The USDA received their first sample in 1977, from the Institute of Hop Research, Pulawy, Poland. Tardif de Bourgogne Hops is grown on limited acreage around the Alsace region. It is an aroma type associated with European Ales and Lagers. Tardif de Bourgogne Hops is difficult to find on the market, and in commercial beers. If you do come across some, try it out." - Beer Legends

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